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Water Damage in Gresham, OR

When water strikes your home, turn to D&L Carpet Services, a damage repair contractor located in spectacular Gresham, OR.

Have you recently experienced a flood? Or has a pipe burst in your basement, or in any part of your home or office? Water damage poses huge problems for a home or office. Mold and bacteria just love those slimy wet places—places between walls, wet drywall, or wet carpets. The water damage specialists at D&L Carpet Services are highly trained to battle and obliterate the effects of water damage. With D&L Carpet Services you will be getting hard-learned expertise in action. You need D&L Carpet Services to locate the source of water damage and professionally clean up the mess so that it doesn’t spawn new and nastier problems in the future. With the help of D&L Carpet Services, you can inhabit your home or work in your office without the fear of growing bacteria or spreading mold.

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